January 2017
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From Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Drupal Intensive Overview Course Slides

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Treated arguments 

Project characteristics

Main uses and users

Strength points

Community Documentation

Site Building Guide


Drupal 7 Focus

Implementation Workflow

Technology Stack, Core and Files Structure

Clean URLs & Aliases



Blocks & Regions




Download & Extend (main useful modules)

Views Module

Menu System

Quality Assurance & Coding Standards


Advanced Development Tools and Workflows

Git operational workflow

Continuous Integration, with Features Module


Drupal 8 Focus

Files Layout and Structures

Core concepts: “Proudly Invented Elsewhere”

New features and enhancements


Quick Edit - In-place Editing 

Refreshed Admin Theme

Draft Support in Core 

Mobile First

Mobile-friendly Toolbar 

Responsive-ize ALL Things (Themes, Images, Tables...) 

Multilingual First & Language Selection Everywhere 

Views in Core

More and Better Blocks 

More Field Types 

Render arrays

Front-end Developer Improvements

  • HTML5
  • Improved Accessibility
  • New Theme System: Twig

Back-end Developer Improvements

  • Symfony based Routing System
  • Configuration Management System & Configuration Sync Workflow
  • Content Deployment
  • Entities Everywhere, Configuration and Content Entities
  • Web Services
  • Improved Caching & Big Pipe
  • Building Modules with Drupal 8

Migration Path: Preparing for Drupal 8

Deciding When to Upgrade

Using Composer and GIT To create a new Drupal 8 project 

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