July, 2010
  • Multimedia, 3d Animation and Renderings
  • Web 2.0 Opensource

The enhancement of the archeological site of the Roman city of Claterna (Ozzano Emilia - Bologna)

Definition of strategies and tools for integrated territorial marketing promotion of the site.

A study for the implementation of local marketing activities, conducted on behalf of the Studio Tasca di Bologna, within the Ideas Competition Tender finalized to the design for the construction and development of the site of the Roman city of Claterna (Ozzano Emilia - BO ), sponsored by the Associazione Culturale di Promozione Sociale Civitas Claterna

  • Rendering
  • Cinema 4d
  • Studio Tasca
  • Cad 2d/3d
  • Virtual Archeology
  • Territorial Marketing
  • 3d Modelling