February 2023
  • GIS and Web Gis 2.0

My extended interview with The Droptimes

Drupal Best Integrates WebGIS with CMS

I was approached by Sebin A. Jacob, Editor-In-Chief of the The Drop Times for an extended interview about my work in the Web Gis 2.0 context, and in particular with advanced geo-mapping with the Geofield Stack in Drupal 8 and above. I gave all my answers and insights as crucial contributor of all the Geofield stack of modules (Geofield, Geofield Map, Leaflet and Geocoder), that enable Drupal to store and manage geocoded content and visualise it in advanced and creative georeferenced ways.

The full interview is available on the The Drop Times website at this link.

  • Drupal
  • Web Gis 2.0
  • Geofield
  • Leaflet
  • Geococder