Gennaio 2020
  • GIS and Web Gis 2.0

Drupal 8 Geofield Mapping Stack: from Basic to Advanced

My last presentation for the Drupal NYC Meetup @ NYU Stern - January 8th 2020

During the Drupal NYC Meetup @ NYU Stern - January 8th 2020, I presented the most recently implemented features in the Geofield Mapping stack (Geofield and Geofield compatible/dependent modules) for the management of an advanced Web GIS (Geographic Information System) application in Drupal 8. I tweaked the Drupal 8 Web Gas application in real-time, describing and integrating the most recent and advanced features, such as the dynamic representation of Points and Geometry Collections (Polylines and Polygons) and the custom definition (and use) of Geocode and Reverse Geocode Web Services.

Access the presentation on Slideshare:

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