Aprile 2024


If you're a Drupal user interested in integrating advanced Web GIS features into your web application, the Geofield Stack offers a powerful toolkit. 

I've personally utilized this stack (that I maintain for the worldwide community since Drupal 8) to develop a quick and efficient Drupal website that effectively manages and publishes a photographic reportage of my journey along the "Way of the Gods" via electric mountain bike (E-MTBike). This approach provides a vivid geographical context to the points of interest and photographs captured along the route.

Febbraio 2023
Drupal Best Integrates WebGIS with CMS

I was approached by Sebin A. Jacob, Editor-In-Chief of the The Drop Times for an extended interview about my work in the Web Gis 2.0 context, and in particular with advanced geo-mapping with the Geofield Stack in Drupal 8 and above. I gave all my answers and insights as crucial contributor of all the Geofield stack of modules (Geofield, Geofield Map, Leaflet and Geocoder), that enable Drupal to store and manage geocoded content and visualise it in advanced and creative georeferenced ways.

Luglio 2020

Layout Paragraphs module provides an intuitive drag-and-drop experience for building flexible layouts with Paragraphs. Layout Paragraphs was designed from the ground up with Paragraphs in mind, and is able to integrate seamlessly with (and enhance) existing Paragraphs structures and reference fields.

Maggio 2020
Geofield stack for COVID-19 data management of John Hopkins University Repository

Drupal 8 is an excellent framework and CMS for the modelling, management and representation of any information entity. At the same time, it lends itself very well to integrating javascript geo mapping frameworks and implementing spatial analysis and representation features.

For this specific application in Drupal 8 I wanted to experiment with the Geofield stack for importing and representing Covid 19 data, in a similar way to the now famous John Hopkins University Covid19 World Map.

Gennaio 2020
My last presentation for the Drupal NYC Meetup @ NYU Stern - January 8th 2020

During the Drupal NYC Meetup @ NYU Stern - January 8th 2020, I presented the most recently implemented features in the Geofield Mapping stack (Geofield and Geofield compatible/dependent modules) for the management of an advanced Web GIS (Geographic Information System) application in Drupal 8.

Febbraio 2019
There is a great potential to integrate all Drupal 8 entity modelling scalable ecosystem with best JS Mapping frameworks and big data Spatial Analysis tools.

During the Drupal NYC Meetup of the 6th February 2019, Italo Mairo (lead maintainer of the Drupal 8 Geofield Mapping stack) walked the audience through building an advanced Web GIS (Geographic Information System) 2.0 application in Drupal 8 using the Geofield, Geofield Map,

Maggio 2018
with Dynamic Map Theming & Contextual Legends

Geofield Map

is an advanced, complete and easy-to-use Geo Mapping solution for Drupal 8, based on and fully compatible with the Geofield module, that lets you manage the Geofield with an interactive Map both in back-end and in the front-end.

What’s New in 2.x.

As an absolute novelty the Geofield Map 2.x new version introduces Dynamic Map Theming & Contextual Legends. 

Agosto 2017
Enhanced with a Google Map formatter and a dedicated Google Map View style plugin

This summer the Geofield Map module for Drupal 8, from me (itamair on, has grown up and became great.

It has been enanched with a bunch of new meaningful functionalities such as a Google Map formatter and a dedicated Google Map View style plugin, both with highly customizable setup, Marker and Infowindow specfications and Markers Clustering capabilities.

Aprile 2017
Provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

New Drupal 8 project named Geofield Map, from me (itamair on, that provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

Febbraio 2017

This Video has been prepared by DrupalJedi, a software company with headquarters in Russia, to help the Drupal community answer the frequently asked questions:

- Why Drupal?
- Why not use another CMS?
- Why not use pure PHP?


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Gennaio 2017
Drupal Intensive Overview Course Slides

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Treated arguments 

Project characteristics

Main uses and users

Strength points

Community Documentation

Site Building Guide


Drupal 7 Focus

Implementation Workflow

Technology Stack, Core and Files Structure

Clean URLs & Aliases



Blocks & Regions

Dicembre 2016
Provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

A new Drupal 8 sandbox project named Geofield Map, from me (itamair on, that provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

Novembre 2016
Un guida sulle Best Practice per l'installazione di Drupal 8, il Versionamento del Codice e l'implementazione dell'Integrazione Continua

Le più recenti e migliori pratiche su Drupal 8 indicano l'utilizzo combinato di Composer e di Drush per l'implementazione del flusso di lavoro migliore nell'amministrazione dell'applicazione, sia nelal sua fase di installazone che di gestione, e successivo sviluppo in termini di "Contnous Integration".

Questo Tutorial descrive una procedura applicativa delle suddette linee guida, consolidata dalle mie migliori pratiche operative e basata sugli autorevoli contributi web di altri esperti Drupal e della documentazione ufficiale.

Agosto 2016
Il mio intervento ai Drupal Developer Days di Milano (Italy), del Giugno 2016, sugli esempi pratici delle APIs ad Oggetti di Drupal 8

Questo è l'intervento che ho tenuto durante i Drupal developer Days di Milano del Giugno 2016. 

Esso ha presentato sottoforma di corso ed applicazione pratica la costruzione di una Custom Form e della sua Form di Configurazione associata secondo le nuove APIs ad Oggetti di Drupal 8.

Durante l'intervento sono state analizzate le "best practices" applicate nel contesto di un importante progetto Drupal 8 condotto come parte di un team di sviluppo di Wellnet Srl (Milan).

Marzo 2016
Hassle-free Drupal standards compliant development with Php Storm

UPD Sept 2017: The following original article should be considered outdated and obsolete, due the preference to be given to the use of Composer over Pear in PHP Code sniffer implementation. It is thus adviced to better follow the instructions described here: Setting up your system for Drupal coding standards from

Settembre 2015
L'utilizzo dei moduli IP Geolocation Views & Maps & Leaflet per la geocodifica degli accessi.

Le mie migliori pratiche per impostare e pubblicare la mappa Leaflet dei più recenti visitiatori del sito Drupal, sfruttando le capacità di geocodifica degli indirizzi IP e la HTML5 Geolocation API del modulo IP Geolocation Views.

Agosto 2015
I cambiamenti principali per gli utenti finali, gli sviluppatori ed i themers

Drupal 8 (beta) è arrivato !

Drupal 8 beta è l'ultima, più grande release del web enterprise CMS più ampiamente usato al mondo  . È veloce, flessibile ed ha fondamenta più agili e potenti per creare e gestire prodotti digitali di tipo web, mobile, social ed ecommerce.