Agosto 2017
  • Drupal 8
  • GIS and Web Gis 2.0

Geofield Map for Drupal 8 has grown and became great

Enhanced with a Google Map formatter and a dedicated Google Map View style plugin

This summer the Geofield Map module for Drupal 8, from me (itamair on, has grown up and became great.

It has been enanched with a bunch of new meaningful functionalities such as a Google Map formatter and a dedicated Google Map View style plugin, both with highly customizable setup, Marker and Infowindow specfications and Markers Clustering capabilities.

Geofield Map is now an advanced, complete and easy-to-use Geo Mapping solution for Drupal 8, based (on) and fully compatible with the Geofield module, that lets you manage the Geofield with an interactive Map both in back-end and in the front-end.

It represents the perfect solution to:

  • geolocate (with one or more Locations / Geofields) any fieldable Drupal entity throughout an Interactive Geofield Map widget;
  • render each Content's Locations throughout a fully customizable Interactive Geofield Map Formatter;
  • expose and query Contents throughout fully customizable Map Views Integration;
  • implement front-end Google Maps with Marker Icon & Infowindow advanced customizations, and Marker Clustering capabilities;

Go to Drupal 8 Gefield Map Project


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