Aprile 2017
  • Drupal 8

New Drupal 8 project: Geofield Map

Provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

New Drupal 8 project named Geofield Map, from me (itamair on drupal.org), that provides a (Google and Leaflet) Map widget for the Geofield Module.

This module extends, the Drupal 8 way, the same functionalities of the Geofield Gmap module,
adding the option to manage a Leaflet Map, besides the only Google Map type one.

Moreover it adds:

  • the ability to search an address throughout a Geocoder Field, with Autocompletion based on the Google Places API,
  • a Reverse Geocoding on the same field based on the map click or marker dragging, etc.,
  • the possibility to permanently store the Geocoded address in a "string" type field, or in the Content Title.

Go to Drupal 8 Gefield Map Project

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