Novembre 2022

New Drupal 10 Leaflet module released

The Leaflet module is the most advanced and adopted integration of the Leaflet JS mapping library in Drupal. It is an integral component of the Drupal Geofield Mapping stack, which includes other main modules such as GeofieldGeofield Map and Geocoder (and several other accessory modules), a longstanding Opensource solution which allow users to integrate and elevate Drupal CMS functionalities with those of an advanced Web Mapping tool, both in a traditional coupled (Backend and Frontend) and decoupled / headless architectures.

As main maintainer of the Geofield stack (Drupal version 8 onwards), I am very glad to announce the release of the new 10.0.x version of the Leaflet module, completely ready for Drupal 10 (as well as 9) and backwards compatible with the previous 2.2.x version of it.

This 10.0.x version stands as a major update. It required weeks of development to embed sophisticated new features (many of which requested by the community) and functional integrations with Leaflet third-party plugins. It is also confirming its robustness and ease of use, while extending its extensibility and customization with better object-oriented development models, both on the PHP and Js fronts.

With this new version, the Leaflet module consolidates & acquires the following features: 

  • Easy to use API for extended Leaflet Map definition & customisation;
  • Leaflet Default Widget, with advanced integration with Leaflet-Geoman plugin for creating and editing Points and Geometries (Linestring, Polygon) Layers;
  • Leaflet Tooltips (new in v. 10.x) and Popups (enhanced in v. 10.x);
  • Leaflet Multi Maps Base Layers Control (enhanced in v. 10.x);
  • Leaflet Overlays Control via Drupal Views Grouping (new in v. 10.x);
  • Dynamic Markers Icons and Paths/Geometries Styling, with tokens and replacement patterns;
  • Markerclustering,via Leaflet.markercluster plugin (enhanced in v. 10.x);
  • Leaflet Gesture handling, via Leaflet.GestureHandling plugin;
  • Reset Map View Control via Leaflet.ResetView plugin (new in v. 10.x);
  • Fullscreen Control, via Leaflet.Control.FullScreen plugin;
  • User Location Control, via Leaflet.Locate plugin (new in v. 10.x);
  • Feature Additional Properties settings for advanced / dynamic customisation of Leaflet Map and Features rendering logics (new in v. 10.x);
  • Address Search Geocoding with Autocomplete integration (requires Geocoder module);
  • Token and Replacement Patterns in Leaflet components settings;
  • Multiple Leaflet maps (mixed of Leaflet Formatters, Views and Widgets) on the same page (enhanced in v. 10.x);
  • Drupal hooks for altering and interacting with its functionalities (enhanced in v. 10.x);
  • etc. etc. ...

Go to the Drupal Leaflet Live Demo site

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